Workshop I

Shop floor management. How do I use the opportunities?

Moderator: Ioana Bodogae

Top management of any production facility has “shop floor management” activities, successful people are also creating new opportunities through this.
What are elements of the shop floor management?

Who is making it and how can this bring quality?

These and other questions are to be worked during this workshop. The participants will have the opportunity to share different ways of applying shop floor management and they will learn different methods for obtaining quality out of it.

Workshop II

IATF 16949: 2016 – Practical Experiences

Moderator: Petra Cioran

Nach dem Audit ist vor dem Audit ! Die Umstellung auf die IATF 16949 ist seit September 2018 vollzogen. Der Prozess der kontinuierlichen Verbesserung ist mit Beginn der Umstellung gestartet und geht weiter, kontinuierlich. Dies gilt für alle beteiligten Parteien, egal ob Unternehmen im Zulieferprozess oder Zertifizierungsgesellschaft.
Das Ziel des Workshops ist es, unterschiedliche Sichtweisen zu Forderungen und Vorgehensweisen zur Erfüllung der IATF 16949 zu beleuchten und kennen zu lernen. Auf dieser Grundlage sollen andere Möglichkeiten erarbeitet werden die Vorgaben der IATF vorteilhaft zu nutzen

Workshop III

Customer specific requirements - How do I deal with ?

Moderator: Dana Stanciu

Customer specific requirements are our daily business. But how do we deal with?
What are my opportunities to get an common understanding, interdisciplinery? In this workshop you get the opportunity by practical exchange of experience, to find out what may be the chances of common understanding, applying these requirements into your own Process/Quality organization.

Might be useful to you, mainly if you are involved in projects, different customer, where CSR cannot be ignored.During the workshop we will try to find out by„playing” how we deal with CSR.
„ You can ignore Quality, but you can not ignore consequences of ignoring Quality.”


Workshop IV

Professional training -a way to accelerate performance?

Moderator: George Barbu

Staff development is a continuous process that takes place both in a session and throughout a person’s life.
The challenge is always to make sure that the resources invested will add value to the organization.
This workshop aims to clarify the issue of staff development starting from the identifying real need phase and reaching up to the impact of the development actions in the daily work, thus facilitating investment decisions in employee development.

Workshop V

What we do is risky. What we do not, is it too. How do I secure the process?

Lecturer: Werner Seeger

Risks and opportunities go hand in hand. In my job and as a person I am in a position to make decisions every day. On what basis do I decide and which factors influence my actions?

The participants will learn in this workshop what has to be considered in a sustainable process in dealing with risks. It can:
• the perception of the environment will be strengthened.
• Interactions and group processes are structured more clearly.
• your own function and communication are reflected