Review on the 2016 edition of Sibiu Quality Days

More than 50 quality managers joined the Sibiu Quality Days 2016


Technical Speech

Signs of the investment market are turning upside down:↓revenues ↑expenditures ↑prices ↓interest rates ↓return on investment!

How am I going to succeed anyway?

Lecturer: Gerold Schlegel
Founder of the Gerold Schlegel AG, Financial Coach
Presentation language: English

Paper currencies like the British pound, the US Dollar and the Euro have lost between 50 to 98% of its value since its introduction or since the end of the gold standard. The European banking system and in particular the Italian one is losing track completely. Rescue measures by the European Central Bank ECB have become for several banks inevitable. However, rather unkown is the fact that both, the ECB and the Bank of Japan, are printing monthly new cash worth the total value of a yearly gold production 2015/EURO 125.000.000. It is obviously that central banks are keen to keep the gold price high in order to rehabilitate their currencies. Revenues and expenditures and especially the degree of indebtedness of several states have reached a very unhealthy relation. If I want to keep my money secure, I will have to act now.

Workshop I

Process Management supports customer satisfaction. What is to be considered?

Lecturer: Dorin Herban, Liviu Tuicu
Head of Quality Europe, Key Safety Systems

Management systems with focus on customer satisfaction and quality are aimed at long-term success. A key success factor are standardized and capable processes. It is important to distinguish which ones are directly contributing to achieving our customers’ goals. Products are ultimately results of litigation, it is therefore obvious that all processes related to the quality of development, sale and production throughout the supply chain, have to be monitored. The requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 and the known requirements of ISO/TS 16949 as well as customer demands show this clearly.

The workshop provides an opportunity to analyse in 6 main steps what is important to meet the requirements of customers in terms of the quality management system.

Workshop II

The analysis of returned under warranty defective items – a pro-active and predictive process and an integral part of the quality management system.

Lecturer: Cristi Braga
Quality manager, SC Preh Romania SRL

In the light of the ongoing extension of automobile warranty as a marketing tool, for the majority of automobile manufacturers, the analysis of returned under warranty defective items, a pro-active and predictive process, must be part of the quality management system of automotive components suppliers. This process involves an emphasis on both procedure development and personnel instruction regarding the analysis and diagnosis of warranty problems. Great attention is paid, in this respect, to the NTF process (no trouble found) and to the initiating criteria for this subprocess.

This workshop aims to present the support provided by the VDA Field Failure Analysis Standard and to facilitate the experience exchange in terms of automobile producer requirements in this field. The case study will materialize into describing the process of warranty components analysis according to the aforementioned standard.

Workshop III

Personnel Management means Quality Management

Lecturer: Werner Seeger,
Quality manager, SC Preh Romania SRL

Successful companies with a sustainable personnel strategy operate more effectively and efficiently. They take into account the dynamics of the market, changes in products and services, as well as regional influences in a globalized world. Another key aspect are the changing needs of employees in the work process. A clear human resources strategy thus establishes a sound basis for a consitutive quality management. Workshop participants learn which key factors needs to be considered in a sustainable human resources process to make a company more competitive.

Workshop IV

Risk Management in the light of the new requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 standards

Lecturers: Dorin Herban, Liviu Țuicu
Dorin Herban, Industrial Engineering Managing Director, SC COMPA SA Sibiu, Romania
Liviu Tuicu, Quality- Environment Managing Director, SC COMPA SA Sibiu, Romania

The recent changes brought to the ISO 9001 standard (2015 edition), as well as the ones intended for the next edition of the ISO/TS 16949 standard bring under scrutiny the approach to quality systems management from the perspective of risk identification, quantification, assessment, and analysis associated to each element in the system or process.

This workshop aims to bring basic clarifications regarding how risk management implementation can be approached from the perspective of the new ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 compliance requirements. As it may always happen, we realize that many requirements are already met, without being explicitly mentioned in management systems. Therefore, within this workshop we will take the implementation of risk management in the audit process as an example. We will refer to ISO 19011:2011 standard which presents recommendations concerning the process of carrying out audit activities. The novelty brought by this standard, ever since 2011, is the approach to audit processes based on risks. In this context, the term of audit risk has appeared. As secondary references we use ISO 31000:2009 and IEC/ISO 31010:2011 which present regulations and specific methods of risk management.


Werner Seeger is a highly experienced consultant and coach, who works successfully since 1994 for international companies. His focus lies on introducing, reorganizing and implementing of management systems, personnel and organizational development, process management and optimization, project management, interim management and executive coaching.

Dorin Herban has been an Industrial Engineering Managing Director at SC COMPA SA Sibiu, since January 2016, his main responsibility being the reduction of manufacturing costs. Before that he was Quality-Environment Managing Director in the same company. He has acquired a rich experience in the field of project management during his service as a manager with Honeywell Turbo Technologies and subsequently, as a project manager at Renault Technologie Roumanie. He is also 6 Sigma Green Belt and 6 Sigma Black Belt, certified by Honeywell Turbo Technologies.

Gerold Schlegel is insurance specialist, financial planning expert and Certified Financial Planner (CFP). He has over 30 years professional experience advising individuals and entrepreneurs. In recent years, he was entrusted with the construction and operation of a Single Family Office. Currently, he is responsible for customer service, selection of asset managers, chief investment strategies and events.

Liviu Bărnuţiu has formed his knowledge in quality management withTakata Petri Romania, where he helped implementing the ISO TS 16949 quality system. After 12 years of experience in quality management and training in quality management in 2014, he debuted as a consultant on projects of “Problem Solving” carried out successfully with several automotive companies. Since 2015, he is the head of Quality Europe at Key Safety Systems, where he is responsible for maintaining the quality system ISO TS, support for the plant in Romania, Macedonia, Italy and Germany in launching and maintaining a high quality product.

Cristian Braga began his activity as an electronics engineer, in 1987, in a Romanian automobile factory, ARO Câmpulung, where he acquired his basic knowledge in the field of quality assurance and management. He is VDA 6.3, ISO TS 16949, ISO 26262, VDA PSB, and Green Belt Six Sigma certified. At present he is leading the quality management department for environment and occupational health at SC Preh Romania SRL, Brașov. He has recently, become part of Werner Seeger Quality Management consultant/trainer team.

Liviu Țuicu began his career in the field of quality management in 2003, at Compa Sibiu. In a short time, he was promoted to quality manager in various profit centers of the company, taking part in its ISO 14001 and TS 16949 certification, in 2004. Since 2014, he has been a Quality Managing Director at Compa Sibiu, one of the few successful companies with domestic capital. During these 13 years he has collaborated with many clients, maintaining and improving the company’s performance. He is 6 Sigma Green Belt certified.


Flaro Prod

Flaro was a production company since the early days of small private companies Graziosa Mill in 1922. Back then, the archives listed as main activity “production of envelopes and writing paper” natural area that has developed in the coming years, gradually evolving and giving consistence to Flaro brand on the Romanian market and not only.
Today we dare to important areas such as automotive and electrical industry, challenges that we assume with courage, leading fields from the Romanian and worldwide industry that places a production company to a level of excellence.

Flaro Prod Company operates in Sibiu location in serving national and international markets – Europe, USA and China. The Automotive field, with a percentage of 65% from the turnover of the company, is the main development vector in continuous growth. The export activity of the company is related in particular to the production of automotive components and represents over 50% of total turnover, one upward trend, in terms of a business in continuous growth.

We dispose of a quality management accordant to ISO 9001 and fulfill the automotive quality standards conform ISO / TS 16949. In the future, we intend to implement the environmental management system ISO 14001. One of our strengths is the flexibility in the production of small series. Technical equipment is modern: we use advanced injection equipment with all necessary peripherals. For the production of metal parts we use automatic presses and plating. Services offered by Flaro Prod include plastics processing, injection, punching and bending metal processing, metal plating, CNC lathe, manual assembly and welding of PVC.
The Flaro Prod product range includes: complex parts for the car lighting and electrical system, gearbox parts, parts contributing to the vehicle safety; plastic parts for electrotechnical products, office supplies, writing instruments, stationery products, merchandising specialities, haberdashery and household goods.

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Flaro Prod


KUKA Systems Group

The KUKA Systems Group is one of the world’s leading providers of engineering services and manufacturers of flexible automatic production systems. Our customers are companies from the automotive, aerospace, and solar industries, among others. Our range of performance encompasses products and services for almost all applications in the industrial processing of metallic or non-metallic materials.
With 5800 employees, in over 15 countries, each of the companies works together for the production solutions of the future. Within the subsidiary from Sibiu takes place the production, the assembly as well as installing electric and pneumatic fastening tools, the so-called Orange Tools. In the second stage follows the grab kit and fastening frames, contour parts and manufacturing individual parts. The Romanian subsidiary of KUKA is in Sibiu, old Hermannstadt, a city where are a lot of factories and many other German companies.

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